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Don’t spend $ 10 000, they will be useful to you!
We recommend you not to spend $ 10 000 for offline study of the Russian language at the preparatory faculty of the university, but to pay only $ 600 and complete online training under the program “Russian as a foreign language” in 5 months. It is much more comfortable and profitable.

Many applicants come to Russia to enroll in various universities. They come and do not know Russian. Therefore, the first year they study at the preparatory faculty. They study Russian during the academic year. The cost of such a project, including arrival in Russia, payment for university educational services, accommodation in Moscow, meals, clothing, transportation and personal life expenses will amount to about $ 10 000.
And even at first, without knowledge of the Russian language, foreign citizens get a lot of stress. They can not explain themselves to the university administration, the police, neighbors, fellow students, in a store, cafe, medical institution, bank. Sometimes, therefore, they become victims of scammers.
We offer to learn Russian while at home, in an online format.
Advantages of this method.
1. No need to spend $ 10 000, $ 600 is enough! This is the cost of an online program at the Eurasian International University.
2. The quality of training in an online format will be even better than offline. Since small groups of 10-15 people are formed on our program. At the university, when studying offline, the group usually consists of 25-30 people.
With online education, you will study in a comfortable environment at home (even with a cup of coffee). If you are sick or missed a class for another reason, you can watch its recording. With online training, you will also be able to ask questions to the teacher, perform tests and even communicate informally with Russian students. We practice joint watching of films, concerts, joint karaoke singing of Russian songs.
3. Upon graduation, you will take an online exam and receive a certificate of knowledge of the Russian language, which will allow you to enter any university in Russia not at the preparatory faculty, but immediately for the first year to study the specialty. By the way, for those who want to enroll in medical specialties, chemistry and biology lessons are also given as part of the Russian language program. This knowledge will be needed when passing exams at the Faculty of Medicine.
4. Even if it is difficult for you to learn the Russian language and you do not master the online Russian language program enough. Or you will be forced to interrupt online training and pass only part of the program, then you will come to Russia already decently proficient in Russian for communication. And it will be much easier for you to adapt in Russia, to solve your tasks and problems here.

To enroll, you need to send an email to rector’s office
application of the prescribed form, passport data of the citizen.

Sample application
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